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Common Terms

  • Assisted Living Home – An assisted living facility that provides resident rooms to ten or fewer residents. A health care institution other than a hospital or a nursing care institution that provides resident beds or residential units, supervisory care services, personal care services, directed care services or health-related services for persons who do not need continuous nursing services.
  • Adult Foster Care Home – A residential setting that provides room and board and adult foster care services for at least one and no more than four adults who are participants in the Arizona long-term care system and in which the sponsor or the manager resides with the residents and integrates the residents who are receiving adult foster care into that person’s family.
  • Adult Foster Care Services – Supervision, assistance with eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, self-medication and other routines of daily living or services.
  • Assisted Living Center – An assisted living facility that provides resident rooms or residential units to eleven or more residents.
  • Assisted Living Facility – A residential care institution, including an adult foster care home, that provides or contracts to provide supervisory care services, personal care services or directed care services on a continuous basis.
  • Assessment – A written analysis of a resident’s abilities; preferences; and need for supervisory care services, personal care services, or directed care services.
  • Activities of Daily Living – Bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility, transfer, and toileting.
  • Healthcare Institution – Every place, institution, building or agency, whether organized for profit or not, which provides facilities with medical services, nursing services, health screening services, other health-related services, supervisory care services, personal care services, directed care services and includes home health agencies.
  • Nursing Care Institution – A health care institution that provides inpatient beds or resident beds and nursing services to persons who need continuous nursing services but who do not require hospital care or direct daily care from a physician. Nursing care institution does not include an institution for the care and treatment of the sick that is operated only for those who rely solely on treatment by prayer or spiritual means in accordance with the tenets of a recognized religious denomination.
  • Nursing Services – Those services that pertain to the curative, restorative and preventive aspects of nursing care and that are performed at the direction of a physician by or under the supervision of a registered nurse licensed in this state.
  • Residential Unit – A private apartment, unless otherwise requested by a resident, that includes a living and sleeping space, kitchen area, private bathroom and storage area.
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